The Silent March

03 janvier 2019

Sad Skeleton Noodle


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01 janvier 2019

Lore: The First Father and the Children of Light

During Alara's dormant ages, a single being wandered through the jagged bedrock.
Unable to see through the gnawing darkness, it sought its way. That being had no memories,
and ignored what purpose its life served.

Crawling through the world for so long ripped the flesh from its bones.
The parts that fell behind had so much energy within them, they were alive.
They shed their physical form and became small wisps of light that followed their source like frightened children.

The being began to grow fond of the light.
Now seeing its bare surroundings, it chose to stop wandering and found meaning in parenting these creatures,
becoming the First Father.

Together they built a Sanctuary where they gathered.
In the main hall of this place is a well that the Father filled with his own blood;
the only flesh he kept being his own heart.

The wisps managed to attune themselves with the blood and created spells and what later became arcane knowledge.

The Children of Light wanted to explore the boundaries of the world,
hoping to find clues to answer their father's questions.
Terrified of leaving on their own, they created odd beings who would accompany them.

Upon spawning, these strange creatures grew bigger than they were expected, becoming the Roaming Colossi.
They were tasked to follow the wisps across Alara.

Gifted with endless skills, the colossi built temples where they remained.
Eventually the Children linked these structures with portals that only them could travel through.
The temple also were given a magical barrier.

The Father's children also played with creating more creatures.
The first fauna that Alara would bear.

Seeds were also made, only they couldn't grow most of them on a large scale due to the lack of consistent light.
Their own light was unable to allow growth.

Nothing was found about the Father's origins unfortunately.
Something even worse occured: many children lost their life on their journey.

The Father, heartbroken, had a necropolis built for them, although they leave no body behind.
Siblings built monuments for their late loved ones
and the father sang songs and told stories that echoed in the empty halls of Elerion.

The children settled in their homes and the Father remained in his sanctuary, hoping to one day recover some of his strength.

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27 décembre 2018

Brothers' Fight


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26 novembre 2018

Holy Family


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11 novembre 2018

The First God and the Last Son


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05 novembre 2018

Lautrec of Carim


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31 octobre 2018

The Lost Child


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27 août 2018

Dead Wives


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14 août 2018

Amygdala Kiss


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